Benefits Of Tea

Benefits Of Tea

Tea is the second most drunk drink in the world after water! In some countries, it consumes more than two liters per day and it is attributed many beneficial virtues. Is this reputation justified? Do you need to drink tea every day to stay healthy?
Tea, new elixir of youth? In any case, it is the reputation we lend him. This drink seems indeed to have many virtues, even if it is not necessary to shout to the "miracle cure"!

Benefits Of Tea
Benefits Of Tea

Good for the body?

The key virtues attributed to tea, these are substances that we hear a lot for many years: antioxidants. Because in our body are formed naturally (or under the action of toxic), molecules called free radicals. These, by attacking genetic material or cells, among others, can cause health problems or accelerated aging. To limit the damage, our body manufactures so-called "antioxidant" molecules. But diet is also a preferred source of antioxidants.

Fruits and vegetables are among the richest. They provide vitamins E and C or beta-carotenes, which have known anti-free radical properties.

Flavonoids, you know?

But tea is rich in substances called flavonoids. These products have antioxidant effects that could be highlighted. According to some studies, their action is even more effective than that of vitamins C and E in the fight against free radicals. A cup of tea would bring as many benefits as a glass of red wine for example, without the inconvenience!         

A reputation ... to be confirmed!

It is necessary to relativize somewhat the properties of this drink. Indeed, most of the results on antioxidant properties of tea were obtained ... in vitro! Now some observations in a test tube are sometimes very far from reality. The few studies conducted on humans or animals seem to confirm the beneficial role of tea.

For example, an American study of 50 people has shown that black tea flavonoids protect the artery walls 1 . Earlier results had already indicated a link between consumption of this drink and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease 2 . Finally, several studies seem to indicate a protective role of tea against certain cancers 3, 4 . and a slowing down of the evolution of certain diseases such as Parkinson's 5 .

A little moderation ...

Contrary to popular belief, green tea does not lose weight! No need to make infusions morning noon and night to eliminate your extra pounds. On the other hand, a cup of tea contains almost no calories unless you add sugar or milk. So it's a drink that will not make you take a gram! Plus, if you go on a diet, it is important to drink a lot. So you can safely accompany your slimming cure of a few cups of tea!

But it is advisable to be careful: tea would not only have virtues. Thus, according to several studies, flavonoids could inhibit the intestinal absorption of trace elements, especially iron. Do not forget that tea contains caffeine, know how to dose your consumption if you have trouble getting to sleep.
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