What solutions against premature ejaculation?

What solutions against premature ejaculation?

What solutions against premature ejaculation?
What solutions against premature ejaculation?

Why live premature ejaculation as a fatality and ruin your sexual relations? Update on techniques and medications that delay ejaculation and help maintain control over your enjoyment.
About one in four men suffer from premature ejaculation . It is considered that a man is affected by this sexual disorder when he has no control over his ejaculation, which occurs less than one to three minutes after penetration, and that his partner does not have the time to to be satisfied. Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, gynecologist, sexologist, director of the andrology center of the Cochin hospital (Paris), member of the scientific committee of Santé magazine, answered our questions.

Are there psychological ways to fight premature ejaculation?

Yes, we must try to reduce the excitement and tensions . In contrast to what men do when they watch an erotic film. One should avoid autosuggestion with images that are too exciting, whether real or mental. Indeed, the more the man gets used to having an ejaculation as soon as he is excited, the less he will then be able to prolong the pleasure . He must also seek to reduce his stress, not just sexually, in everyday life too.

The danger is that a conditioned reflex will be put in place if the situation is repeated. In a report, it is therefore important to introduce preliminaries that will make the conjugal climate less burdensome, relax both partners, make the woman more receptive and avoid human penetration too fast. One can also recommend to the couple to have a shared egoism, where each one thinks of his pleasure instead of being entirely waiting for the other. Because when a woman has fun, it reassures her husband and the distress too.

Does putting a condom help?

This can help because the condom , especially if it is a bit thick, comes as a barrier to the sensitivity at the brake, just under the glans, and it helps to ejaculate slower. Moreover, some brands have condoms whose head has been thickened, to limit the sensations only at this place.

Are other methods effective?

Contrary to what one can read on the internet, the stop and go or the squeezing do not give convincing results.

  • For the stop and go , the couple is supposed to stop any movement when the man feels the excitement coming. This is often frustrating for the woman who does not reach pleasure, and often useless for the man who is struggling to anticipate the point of no return.

  • The squeezing is even worse since the woman must, in addition, press her thumb on the brake to strangle the glans ...

On the other hand, practicing body-breathing gives good results. We help the man to re-educate himself. For this, he practices exercises of breathing by the belly: it inspires by the mouth to inflate its belly, then expires by emptying it. Then he learns to move the pelvis: standing, legs slightly bent, he moves his butt back or forward. And then, it combines the two: it inspires and inflates the belly when the buttocks are behind and blows to deflate the stomach by bringing the pelvis forward.

He trains alone at home and when he masters that, he starts to masturbate at the same time. But instead of the hand moving on the penis, it is the rod that goes to the hand. If the excitement is too strong, it uses even more breathing to lower the pressure. When he gets there alone, he can try with his partner. The best is then to start together with caresses, then the woman masturbates her partner , and when all these steps are going well, they can try to have a relationship with penetration.

Is it better to adopt certain sexual positions?

It is necessary that the man can concentrate on his body, on his sensations. And it is not very easy if he is on his partner, his arms extended, and that, muscularly, he is tired! We can therefore suggest two positions.

  • The first requires an active participation of his wife: he is lying on his back, she is sitting on him. Thus, if she agrees to play the game, it is she who will move, and he will be more relaxed, more able to feel and manage what is happening in his body. But it is necessary that the woman is left to make love as well. If she accepts saying "This is the last chance I give you!", It will not work! A favorable context must be created to reduce stress.

  • Another position, simpler to propose for the man, and less tiring also for his partner, is to be lying both, the man on the woman, but both slightly on the side, so that the man is partly supported by the mattress, and does not rest his weight on his wife. The basins touch each other, but the upper body is separated. Thus, both partners can look at each other, kiss, caress each other. The woman feels that her husband is interested in her, that they are in phase, and will not necessarily notice the breaks that the man will do if he feels his desire to take up too much space. Be careful, however, of the abuse of caresses or stimulations: the more excited the man is, the more likely he will be overwhelmed!

Are there medications to delay ejaculation?

Only one drug has Marketing Authorization (MA) in this proper indication of rapid ejaculation  : it is Priligy . One tablet should be taken one to three hours before the report. As its active ingredient is rapidly eliminated, it can be taken punctually, when the man needs it, without there being any effect of withdrawal. This medicine has been available for about two years, and acts on the amount of serotonin present in the body. Patients seem to find that it helps them to delay their ejaculation sufficiently.

Sometimes we can also give an anesthetic cream, which is massed in a very thin layer on the crown of the glans. But men have less sensations. In addition, do not put a lot, otherwise it can irritate the vagina of the partner. These creams, which have a side effect on ejaculation are initially intended to treat other problems.

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