6 Grandma's remedies for hair loss

For some time now, you've been seeing more hair loss than usual. You can bet on tons of anti-hair loss products, nothing works, you always have to make works of art on the walls of the shower. Ok. It's time to move on to the "magic potions" options recommended by our grandmothers: here are 6 natural remedies to stop hearing about your hair loss.

home remedies for hair growth and thickness
home remedies for hair growth and thickness

Betting on essential oils against hair loss

The essential oil of cedar.
The star of the essential oils anti hair loss , it is the cedar of the Atlas!

To use it, we are inspired by a recipe unveiled by Compagnie des Sens, to be reproduced as a cure for three weeks:

- Mix 5 drops of Atlas cedar essential oil with 20 drops of vegetable oil (castor, for example).
- Massage the mixture on the scalp in circular motions for a few minutes.
- An hour later, go to the shampoo.

Bonus: Cedar helps regulate the sebum of oily hair .

The essential oil of grapefruit.

Not only does grapefruit smell good, but it also helps to significantly reduce hair loss!

You can add two drops directly in your dose of shampoo, in cure for three weeks.

Attention, essential oils are strongly discouraged in pregnant women, even in case of hair loss during pregnancy  !

Eat beer yeast to stop hair loss 

We challenge you to ask anyone how to avoid hair loss , we bet that the person in question will advise you: "Do a course of yeast beer, of course!"

Yeast beer, combined with zinc, is the star of the "hair loss" departments of pharmacies and for good reason, it is loaded with vitamin B, essential for the creation of keratin. However, the hair is composed of 95% keratin. QED.

The mushroom contained in the brewer's yeast also plays a vital role in the good health of your hair: it sheaths and fortifies (just like a yeast causes the bread to swell).

But as we are talking here about grandmother's recipes, we prefer powdered or flaked beer yeast , which is sprinkled on our dishes at the rate of 2 grams three times a day for three weeks to a month.

Indian powders against hair loss  

Brahmi powder.
The hair powders, it is THE secret beauty that one bites without hesitation to the Indiennes!

In terms of hair loss, we put on the Ayurvedic powder Brahmi, which tones, thickens and promotes growth, while soothing the scalp.

It is used as a mask (just form a paste by pouring hot water little by little into the powder). Even better: to boost the care, it is mixed with rhassoul powder .

Shikakai powder against hair loss.
Other powder, same principle, same effect (or almost): not only Shikakai powder promotes growth, but it also cleans the scalp!

Grandma recipes with vegetable oil anti hair loss

We no longer count the benefits of vegetable oils on our hair! There are those that make shine, those that hydrate, those that give volume ... and then those that slow down the fall and  accelerate the growth of hair .

Castor oil. 

We do not present it any more so we know its capillary virtues by heart, I named: castor oil! Not that it avoids the fall itself, but castor oil helps to strengthen the hair AND accelerate its growth. But a hair stronger and better stimulated ... fall less, simply!

It is applied generously on the scalp and allowed to sit all night before doing a big shampoo in the morning.

Tip that smells good and that shines: it is mixed with a big hazelnut of coconut oil .

Mustard oil. 

Here is an oil that we hear less about but that is a remarkable work on our scalp! Just like her friend castor oil, mustard oil boosts growth and limits hair loss.

Applied on the scalp, it has a slightly warming effect that stimulates, tones and contributes to the good health of the scalp .

Bonus (yes, one more!): Its wealth of erucic acid allows it to gain and protect lengths .

Again, it is recommended to apply it in synergy with coconut oil to soften the whole.

Nettle, the remedy against hair loss 

Stinging nettle shampoos are known to regulate sebum production in oily scalps. Well now that nettle landed again in our hair care routine, but anti alopecia this time!

Nettle is a concentrate of vitamin B as well as magnesium and iron, trace elements allied with our beautiful hair .

The tip of grandma is to use it in lotion!

To prepare your anti-hair loss recipe with nettle, you need: 

- 200g of fresh nettle leaves
- 1 liter of water
- 30 cl of white vinegar

Boil the water and plunge the leaves and white vinegar. Make leather for 20 minutes. Filter.

Let cool in the fridge and use the rinse lotion mixture after the shampoo (do not forget to massage the scalp well ).

Drink green tea to prevent hair loss 

Green tea fills the iron deficiency . And iron deficiency is often the cause of hair loss. All is said !

So when the iron is missing (check with your doctor through an analysis), you listen to Grand Mère Cosmo and drink 3 cups of green tea a day for three good weeks!

Fans of Japanese food, feel free to opt for Matcha or Bancha, the green teas of the Empire of the Rising Sun, even richer in iron!

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