How to avoid shiny skin in the summer?

How to avoid shiny skin in the summer?

Flashing skin is not indispensable even in summer! Max Herald, make-up artist Yves Rocher, tells us how to guard against it and avoid glaring.
Shining skin, which slides the fingers under the touch, is not very bright ... Contrary to the shiny and common belief, the oily skin is not the only one to shine in the summer. Because, if we have long considered the excess of the sebum as the sole responsibility, when the temperature rises then there is a possibility of shining all the skins and displaying the glow.

How to avoid shiny skin in the summer?
How to avoid shiny skin in the summer?

The defect of heat clearly makes us sweat, but not only. Max Hernant believes that other factors may be responsible for this shiny skin: "The use of a cream is not conducive to its skin, but wine and spicy food will also promote talent."

Skin glow, my regular care


A skin that does not glow is the first and a clean skin is healthy. It is necessary to clean it every night to get rid of the sewage secrecy at night, but the cleaning of the evening is as important. It is better to select pure but benign lotion, mikalar water, which removes makeup and refreshes without attacking or activating the sebaceous glands (which produce symbium).

Hydrate (and yes!)

When the skin is shining, even hydration is not neglected. All you have to do is choose the best quality cream, as Max Hernant remembered, "a cream would be very rich". In summer, light texture, serum can be done, depending on the type of skin, replace the cream, and take care of your day by putting your nutritious cream for the winter. Max Hernant's advice? "Avoid overloading your skin with cream, it also promotes glow."


Finally, once a week, we make a scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells and breathe it. In addition to limiting the brightness, Scrub will make Tan more brilliant!

Good advice: 

In the evening of summer, where makeup is required, make-up artist advises that "Day before or early in the morning, make a mud mask with pure and astringent action that will absorb the symbion but be careful, the soil is completely Do not allow dryness, because this skin gets very dry, you just leave your mask for a few moments. "

Skin glow, makeup tricks

Foundations of campus

An anxiety on climbing the thermometer is that the makeup does not come in the grip. With sweat, it becomes beautiful. For Max Hernant, to do your makeup without doing too much, you have to be patient: "After applying your day cream, always wait a few seconds to absorb it well for makeup. Use the base of the skin-friendly variation of the skin. They have a little astringent side that will absorb the symbabism and in particular they create barriers between creams and foundations.

Foundation and Powder

Apart from this, in the summer, we also keep a little hand on its foundation, so that he can not escape the fear of too much shine. For Max Hernant, someone can continue to use their foundation in particular, because the new formulas are increasingly lightweight and more than the second skin, but also because the secretion of the foundation in the summer lies in its mode application. "The most important thing is how to apply it, you have to work it with your finger, just like a day cream, so that it melts completely with your skin, while overloading it with the material Finger absorption is done until complete absorption. "To make sure that all the opportunities are kept aside, a formula turns into a formula to transform. With this technique, the use of powder is no longer used to cover, but rather to prevent the foundation pigment from turning. The result is a light makeup that blends with the skin and prevents brightness. But be careful, the powder has to be used with restraint. For some, in the case of skin, which shines, reflex powder, which strongly advises the professional makeup artist: "We should really avoid dust due to shiny mix" because the suspicious mixture and the result is more than estimated .

Good advice: 

Our unmistakable weapon When you have skin that flashs in summer and you want to avoid prank make-up? Matifying Leaves (Shiseido, Asans, Pierre Recode, Paul and Jo, Sephora ...), these small wipes that absorb excess oil without damaging the makeup. This summer is the secret to change for the things happening on your expressway in the summer.

Do Not Do

Alcohol-Based Care
When we shine, we sometimes want to be tempted by alcohol-based care to dry the excess of the symbion. But be careful, because they create tension and redness in the skin. In response, the skin will produce a large amount of soybeans to defend. Dog tale cutting its tail!


The pH of soap is usually not suitable for skin. So even in the summer if you wash your face with soap and freshness in water, then it avoids the pain of irritation. And in the form of defense mechanism the skin starts the sugar factory ...


Our skin reflects what we eat. To avoid shining too much in the summer, limit all deli meats and pastries. This is good when the thermometer climbs, we rather want fresh fruit salad than croissant and good light salad rather than a dry sausage sandwich!
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